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NouvEau Inc. is a patent holding company that licenses the manufacture and bottling of a unique and renewable non-alcoholic beverage made from whiskey and wine under US Patent 7569146 and French Patent 1748835.  After spirits are distilled, a crystal clear "still water" results. NouvEau's patented product has a distinct and refreshing taste from the purest sources of water on the planet.
"Wine is sunlight held together by water"  

           Galileo 1564-1642



French Water of Wine

 Eau de Vin is 100% from the water of wines of  Southern France.  Unlike mineral waters, Eau de Vin is renewable, drawn by sunlight into the grape before it is fermented and distilled returning the water back to nature. Collected by its supply partner Union des Distilleries de la Mediterranee from over 40,000 vinyeyards from Champagne to the Rhone Valley and along the French Riviera, the wine is distilled daily from November to May.  NouvEau licensed technology purifies the wine water to  zero calories and zero alcohol.  Experience nature. Experience sunlight.
              Experience Eau de Vin.



From an ancient Gallic expression for life, whiskey is derived from grains. The making of fine whiskey and clear vodkas ferments grains with fresh water to distill into a spirit. The waters were historically obtained from a pristine branch of a river where the grist mill and disillery were located. A very pure still water results we make into a ultra-pure non-alcoholic beverage we call BRANCH and is first use virgin pure.  Taste tested better than comparables, such as Perrier and San Pelligrino, without anything added, BRANCH is excellent as a mixer, with meals, a drink by itself, or with fine spirits.  Below the 0.5% threshold of the federal government's alcholic beverage classification, BRANCH is non-alcoholic with less than five alcohol Calories per 12 ounce serving.  Best sparkling and with natural flavors.  


NouvEau Inc., PO Box 1685, Lafayette, IN  47902, USA
Tom Peyton, Ph.D.  President, cell (765) 532-3272
land/fax (765) 423-2748

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