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NouvEau Inc. is a patent holding company that licenses and manufactures a unique and renewable water made from wine under US Patent 7569146 and French Patent 1748835.  After wine is distilled, a crystal clear wine water results that is refined to produce EAU DE VIN, 100% water from wine. NouvEau's patented product is gently sparkled and has a distinct and refreshing taste made from the purest source of nature's water, the wine of the Rhone Valley in France.  It is an excellent luxury table water. In addition, red wine extracts from Cabernet wine of the same source make a zero Calorie and zero alcohol anti-oxidant rich 100% natural wine sourced Sparkling Red Eau d Vin-"5-Year Longevity."
"Wine is sunlight held together by water"  

           Galileo 1564-1642



French Water of Wine

 Eau de Vin is 100% from the water of wines of  the Southern French terroir.  Unlike mineral waters, Eau de Vin is renewable, drawn by sunlight into the grape before it is fermented and distilled returning the water back to nature. Collected by its supply partner Union des Distilleries de la Mediterranee from over 40,000 vinyeyards from Champagne to the Rhone Valley and along the French Riviera, the wine is distilled daily from November to May.  NouvEau licensed technology purifies the wine water to  zero calories and zero alcohol and is gently sparkled.  Experience nature. Experience sunlight.
              Experience Eau de Vin.

Sparkling Red  
5-Year LongevityTM
Known as the "French Paradox," Mediterraneans consume at least two glasses a day of hearty red wine rich in anti-oxidants and have life-span longevity four to five years longer than in most other western countries including the United States.  Red wine extracts have demonstrated improved cardio-vacular health and many other health benefits.  Adding the same red wine extracts from the Cabernet Sauvignon source of its water of wine, Eau de Vin Sparkling Red has more red wine anti-oxidants (1.125 grams Vitimed Red Wine Extract per serving at 12,000 ORAC units per gram) than French Cabernet Sauvignon with no Calories or alcohol and calls this beneficial drink "5-Year Longevity." 




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