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NouvEau Inc. is a patent holding company that licenses the manufacure and bottling of a unique ultra-premium non-alcoholic beverage created from whiskey and wine.   It owns US Patent 7569146, "By-Products from Fermentation Still Bottoms," and French Patent 1748835, "Method for Producing a Beverage from Fermentation Still Bottoms." 
NouvEau means "new water" and unlike other non-alcoholic beverages, you know the water in the beverage is high-end from perhaps the purest source on the planet. NouvEau is unique, distinct, sustainable and eco-friendly.  When whiskey or wine  is distilled, a crystal clear pure non-alcoholic by-product results that is called "still water." Whiskey and wine still water carries small amounts of food acids naturally found in beer and wine that are removed by NouvEau's patented process at bottling.   "Non-alcoholic" levels of spirits can pass through from the still water to the beverage giving it a better taste than other waters used in beverages and provide the essence of the spirit it was born in.  
NouvEau performs research and development on non-alcoholic and alcoholic formulations from its FDA registered Lafayette Laboratories and commercially processes still water from American whiskey and French wine, bottling small lots for sale of its non-alcoholic sparkled and naturally flavored patented product.
"Wine is sunlight held together by water"  

           Galileo 1564-1642



French Water of Wine

 L'eau de vin (water of wine) is a unique zero calorie non-alcoholic beverage made from the still water of wines of  Southern France.  From over 40,000 vinyeyards in the Rhone Valley and along the French Riviera the wine is distilled daily after the wine harvest from November to May.  Served still or sparkled or blended with French wines or fine liqueurs, l'eau de vin is an experience in itself to enjoy the last years vintage from the French vineyard fresh to your table.


American Whiskey Water

The making of fine whiskey adds water to the still from a river branch. NouvEau's Branch is a first use virgin water made directly from the whiskey still.   Branch is excellent as a mixer, with meals, a drink by itself, or as the  "hair of the dog."  Below the 0.5% threshold of the federal government's alcholic beverage classification, BRANCH is a non-alcoholic beverage with less than five alcohol Calories per 12 ounce serving.  Best sparkling and with natural flavors.

NouvEau Inc., PO Box 1685, Lafayette, IN  47902, USA
Tom Peyton, Ph.D.  President, cell (765) 532-3272
land/fax (765) 423-2748

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